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5 Major mistakes to avoid when you start a new business

These are based on things that I have personally experienced. And the above problems can hinder your growth after a specific limit. Some of them are undoable.

  1. Selecting a Name that is not unique
  2. Opening a physical store even before having an online store (Website)
  3. Hiring an employee instead of an agency
  4. Lack of patience
  5. Working hard but not smart

1. Selecting a name that is not unique

Before selecting a name for your enterprise, make sure that the web domain for that name is available. I’ve seen so many people struggle with this. They acquire all the necessary certificates under the name, either not available or expensive, and worry about not appearing on the search engine when they search for their name or not being able to start a website with that registered name. You can use GoDaddy to check the cost and availability of your domain. Also, make sure that the name is pronounceable and not too long. The shorter the name, The better it is for your clients to search for or spread the word.

2. Opening a physical store even before having an online store (Website)

Only go for a physical store if your business is something like a restaurant, barber shop, or something for which a physical place is necessary. As a start-up, it is not easy to pay the rent and other related expenses without being well established. Instead, go for a website. A website has a considerable advantage over a physical store. Clickhere to learn how important and advantageous it is to have a website.

3. Hiring an employee instead of an agency

Hiring an employee is a tiresome process. Even if you succeed in finding a perfect one, it is even harder to manage, supervise, and mostly make him/her stay. you can spend your time and money on something other than recruiting, training, and checking the quality of service when you go for an agency. An agency also delivers a project only after thoroughly assessing it.

4. Lack of patience

you started your business believing that you can achieve something. Don’t abandon your business halfway through. It always takes a lot of time and effort to see the results. Even if you are exhausted. Keep your business aside and focus on other work. It will someday be of great use.

5. Working hard but not smart

Hard work is a great quality. But being smart always has the upper hand. By being smart, I mean knowing the impeccable tools (Google adsense, SEO, Email marketing, etc…) that can help you achieve a significant number of visitors, boost sales and create brand awareness.

Hope you liked the blog and benefitted from it in some way. You can always contact us for business suggestions. We wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.

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